What to Expect ?

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Family Chiropractic

What To Expect ?

  • Your first visit will start with a few minutes of paperwork.
  • After this is completed you will be sitting one on one with Dr. Nick for your consultation.
  • This is where you will get to discuss your goals with the doctor.
  • During the consultation key information is gathered and an exam is conducted to find out the complexity and origin of your problem.
  • After the exam Dr. Nick may order x-rays of your spine.
  • The doctor will then sit down and formulate the best approach to helping you reach your goal in the shortest time.

Different Approach

Dr. Hirschfelt's Approach

What To Expect ?
  • Your second visit will be a Report of Findings.
  • This is when Dr. Nick will go over your x-rays with you and inform you of how he can help.
  • You will receive both in office care and tips for the best home care.
  • Home care can includes a variety of stretches, exercises, ice therapy, foam roller to name a few.
  • Each person receives a tailored care plan based upon their consultation, examination and x-ray findings.