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What Patients Tell About Dr. Nick?

Andy R.

“I came into the office a couple months before leaving town to play hockey. When I came in, I couldn’t even stand up straight. After a few short weeks Dr. Nick had my back feeling as good as it ever has.”

Catherine C.

”\"My Chiropractic visits over the past few months have really helped my physical well-being. The adjustments have aided my problems with constipation and frequency. My balance has also improved, as well as circulation.I am grateful to Dr. Nick for helping me feel better.”

Debbie H.

"When I first started with Dr. Nick I had so many issues big and small. One leg was unlevel causing considerable hip pain, headaches, dizziness, back ache, no energy, neck pain and more that was 6 months ago. Today most of the problems have been eliminated or at least minor. I almost feel like a new person for my 60th birthday. More energy was a bonus. My C.O.P.D. is improved. Thanks Dr. Nick!”


Keith M.- “I have been under Dr. Nick’s care for many months now. I have been to other Chiropractors in the past but the results that I get from Dr. Nick are something I have not experienced. I found my self out of pain faster under his care. I have an anterior slippage of my L4 vertebrae which is not a correctable condition. I go to Dr. Nick for maintenance with this so that further slippage does not occur. The pain seems to be better managed by Dr. Nick than other Chiropractors in the past.”

Kevin C. – “I have had chronic lower back pain for a couple of years. My monthly visits to Dr. Nick at first helped control the pain and eventually cured it. I will visit Dr. Nick monthly for life as an integral part of my health care. Thanks Dr. Nick!”

PJ B. – “I had gone to numerous other chiropractors before coming to Dr. Nick. None of the ones that I went to seemed to look at the big picture of the injury, but just a sort of generic care. With Dr. Nick I felt like he really looked at everything that was being affected by my injury. I received more relief from Dr. Nick then all other chiropractors combined.”

Margaret F. – “I am eighty-three years old and have always been very active. Sixteen years ago I had back problems that required surgery. Two years ago my legs started hurting and no amount of pain medication helped.
In the morning I needed help walking from the bedroom to the kitchen. I had to stand at the counter to eat because it was too painful to sit for any length of time.
I will continue coming to Dr. Nick for as long as it takes. My only regret is ‘Why did I wait so long?’ ”

Paul B. – I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you what I’ve found to be true, as a result of your treatments. I am having far less headaches since those treatments. You do remember those “two a day” treatments that went for 13 straight, with only Sunday off! Anyway, here is my testimony.
Headaches! Headaches have been part of my life ever since I was a child. I didn’t know why I would get them, and neither did anyone else, including physicians who would tell me that medical studies had no real answers. When I would get a headache, and it was often, they would mostly be quite severe.
I thought that some people were just prone to having headaches and that I was one of those people. I would hear of others who suffered with migraines that seemed worse than I would get, so I just resolved myself to my condition. I gave up on going to doctors when I was given a prescription for an anti-depressant drug, which I tossed in the trash.
Since coming here to “Garden of Health” and Dr. Nick, I found someone who (I can say) has proven treatment for a real problem. Within a few short weeks, that included a series of treatments, my problem of headaches has been practically eliminated. It has now been about two years since I started with the treatments, so I can say with all confidence that for me, chiropractic therapy is the way to go!
Thank you Dr. Nick!

PJ B. – I had gone to numerous other chiropractors before coming to Dr. Nick. None of the ones that I went to seemed to look at the big picture of the injury, but just a sort of generic care. With Dr. Nick I felt like he really looked at everything that was being affected by my injury. I received more relief from Dr. Nick then all other chiropractors combined.

Rosylin J. – When I lived in Honesdale PA I had maintenance chiropractic treatments. When I moved back to Buffalo, I was referred to Dr. Nick Hirschfelt for chiropractic treatment. These have been helpful in maintaining urinary stability.
One day I could not hear in my left ear. I was totally deaf. I was experiencing this for a couple of weeks when I mentioned it to Dr. Nick. He said, “The bones and nerves in the neck have an intimate relationship with your ear. Let’s try an adjustment.” After the treatment I could hear faintly in the ear. He said, “It could take a couple of adjustments.” Within a couple of days my ear (hearing) was normal.

Alicia B. – For quite some time I had been having constant pain in my lower back and a pinching type of pain in my left shoulder that would come and go. I also started having pain and stiffness in my hip joints. I just thought of it as part of the aging process and that I would just have to deal with it. It wasn’t until I became aware of the fact that my ability to maintain my balance had become severely impaired. That is when I realized that I was in trouble. I have two rather large dogs that own every inch of the floor in my home.
My efforts to navigate around them became increasingly difficult and dangerous for both myself and them as the slightest stumble or misstep would result in a fall. Frequently, uneven sidewalks misjudging stairs going up or down, even just awkward steps while walking, all result in falls. I knew that I needed help and I needed it fast. I also have ulcerative colitis and suffered from occasional flair-ups from that.
When I started receiving adjustments from Dr. Hirschfelt, the pain in my shoulder went away almost immediately. My lower back pain has subsided considerably and is now minimal. I have totally regained normal function of balance. In fact, I have not had a single fall since my very first adjustment. An added benefit of the adjustments is that the colitis has been kept in check.
I am so relieved that I will not have to give up my active lifestyle for at least another hundred years or so. Thanks Dr. Nick.

Mark –I have always gone to a chiropractor but my Doctor retired and I was referred to Dr. Nick. My experience with him has been very beneficial. He treats the whole body. I have had neck and back problems for a while and have had a sciatic problem also. He has given me hope that things will get better and it has. I have resumed my exercise classes and walking outside and I am able to take some long walks. I’m not 100% but it is a life commitment when it comes to your health and I have chosen Dr. Nick. He is compassionate and caring and really cares about your health and the quality of your life. I have ups and downs but more better days for sure since I started. I feel better about myself and my health. He has educated me also for this whole process. I feel that everyday well be a step forward and I thank him for that.
His knowledge is outstanding. My range of motion is so much better and I don’t get headaches like before. In my profession I am on my feet constantly and moving. I have learned through Dr. Nick on stretching correctly and some tricks to use at work. So, I move forward with Dr. Nick Hirschfelt.

Dave M. – After many years of chiropractic care (off and on over 20 years) but most recently from 2001 following a work related injury, I was with another chiropractor and changed to Dr. Nick’s practice. I had been through physical therapy two times, had cold laser treatments, and for three or four years, was on way too much pain medicine.
Since switching to Dr. Nick’s practice, I take no pain meds and I am not getting “electric shocks” anymore after overdoing it at work or at home. I feel much better than I had before. I feel Dr. Nick really knows how to make people feel better. All you have to do is watch as patients are coming out of a treatment room – they go in hunched over and unable to move and come out looking much better.

Mike K. –When I first came to Dr. Hirschfelt, I had pain and tightness in my back and in my right leg. I also had numbness in my toes. After about two weeks, I noticed some improvement. The improvement kept up and as the months went by the flexibility improved. The pain decreased remarkably and the numbness was also gone.
I would have to say that my improvement has been outstanding, to say the least. I now am able to resume activities that I did before.
Janet – I started seeing Dr. Hirschfelt after back and neck issues were lingering longer than they had in the past. My former chiropractor had retired. I was reluctant to see another, but realized I needed some sort of therapy. I had heard of Dr. Hirschfelt through a friend, so I made an appointment. I already believed in chiropractic care and I most certainly believed in the philosophy of eliminating the stress on the nerves will help with feeling better. It has been six months since I started being treated. I feel a lot better and I am confident I can continue on this path of recovery. I had forgotten what feeling good felt like. I am glad that I made the Chiropractic Choice!

Chris H. – My back was really bad before I started regular treatments with Dr. Nick. I would sit at my desk and have to pull myself up because of the pain in my lower back.
After going on a regular plan with Dr. Nick, my back feels like I was in my 20’s and I am 41. The pain is gone along with the stress. I feel much better both physically and mentally.
I would highly recommend Dr. Nick to anyone who has pain and wants to improve their quality of life.

Lori B. – Dr. Nick is the fifth Chiropractor that I’ve visited for my upper back and neck problems. For the first time in ten years I’m feeling significantly better from my treatments. I truly feel that he is addressing the source of my problems and not simply making brief adjustments to the symptoms with short term relief.
I was astonished when he examined my back and neck and located the exact tender spots on my skin that have been giving me endless pain and headaches for over a decade. Dr. Nick listens and lets me complain about my recent aches and then takes the time to address them.
In addition to my upper back and neck issues, I had developed carpal tunnel in both wrists and was told by a “specialist” that my only option was surgery. Dr. Nick told me to hold off with the surgery. He treated my carpal tunnel by adjusting my thumbs, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Not only is my carpal tunnel completely gone, my right elbow doesn’t hurt anymore either. For the first time in three years I am bowling pain free- absolutely no elbow pain and no “pins and needles” in my fingers.
It is hard to describe the comforting feeling of finally finding someone who understands why my body has been giving me problems and knew how to start the process of healing that I have longed for. Dr. Nick is passionate about what he does and is very knowledgeable. His intent is not to simply treat his patients, but rather to teach them how to maintain well being and prevent re-occurrence. He believes strongly in improving everyone’s quality of life. He is one of those guys who is trying to fix the world one spine at a time!

Tom S. – I came to Dr. Nick with hip & lower back pain. After a very thorough exam, x-rays, and a follow up report I learned why my body was in the situation it was in. After a short while of office visits & adjustments, I felt better, and my work day was more bearable. Currently I am in great shape, and I do not have the pains I came to this practice with.
I have learned a great deal from coming here and I recommend coming here to anyone. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and are sincere. They see you as a person, not just a patient, Thank you Dr. Nick & staff, and if you’re reading this I hope you choose, as I did, to have a better quality of Life.