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What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

I routinely hear from most new patients that the last chiropractors rushed through the initial visit and then treated them. In & out fast.  This all to common phrase still surprises.

I have a completely different approach that most patients appreciate. On your first visit you will sit down face to face with me so that I may get a complete understanding of your health concern.

I will perform an exam to discover the reason(s) for it. In many cases I will order a x-ray evaluation to get a complete understanding of your spine. I will be able to analyze the x-rays, take measurements, explain your x-rays to you. Most importantly these procedures help determine precise adjustments to your spine to help correct your problems. You will have a complete understanding of your concern, the history of it and the possible outcomes for your future health.  You then will have options about the type of care that is best for you.