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What Patients Tell About Dr. Nick?

Andy R. – “I came into the office a couple months before leaving town to play hockey. When I came in, I couldn’t even stand up straight. After a few short weeks Dr. Nick had my back feeling as good as it ever has.”

Catherine C. – ”My Chiropractic visits over the past few months have really helped my physical well-being. The adjustments have aided my problems with constipation and frequency. My balance has also improved, as well as circulation.

I am grateful to Dr. Nick for helping me feel better.”

Debbie H. – “When I first started with Dr. Nick I had so many issues big and small. One leg was unlevel causing considerable hip pain, headaches, dizziness, back ache, no energy, neck pain and more that was 6 months ago. Today most of the problems have been eliminated or at least minor.  I almost feel like a new person for my 60th birthday. More energy was a bonus. My C.O.P.D. is improved. Thanks Dr. Nick!”

Keith M. – “I have been under Dr. Nick’s care for many months now. I have been to other Chiropractors in the past but the results that I get from Dr. Nick are something I have not experienced. I found my self out of pain faster under his care. I have an anterior slippage of my L4 vertebrae which is not a correctable condition. I go to Dr. Nick for maintenance with this so that further slippage does not occur. The pain seems to be better managed by Dr. Nick than other Chiropractors in the past.”

Kevin C. – “I have had chronic lower back pain for a couple of years.  My monthly visits to Dr. Nick at first helped control the pain and eventually cured it.  I will visit Dr. Nick monthly for life as an integral part of my health care.  Thanks Dr. Nick!”

PJ B. – “I had gone to numerous other chiropractors before coming to Dr. Nick. None of the ones that I went to seemed to look at the big picture of the injury, but just a sort of generic care. With Dr. Nick I felt like he really looked at everything that was being affected by my injury. I received more relief from Dr. Nick then all other chiropractors combined.”

Margaret F. – “I am eighty-three years old and have always been very active.  Sixteen years ago I had back problems that required surgery.  Two years ago my legs started hurting and no amount of pain medication helped.

In the morning I needed help walking from the bedroom to the kitchen.  I had to stand at the counter to eat because it was too painful to sit for any length of time.

I will continue coming to Dr. Nick for as long as it takes.  My only regret is ‘Why did I wait so long?’ ”