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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Nick Hirschfelt is a Buffalo chiropractor who serves Buffalo and the surrounding communities of Western New York. 

Dr. Nick Hirschfelt uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient’s lives, whether they’re pregnant women looking to bring balance to their pelvis for a safer, more comfortable delivery, parents concerned with their baby’s fussiness or people who just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning. 

Dr. Hirschfelt’s passion is fueled by the obvious shortcomings of the allopathic healthcare field. Better health through better chemistry has lead America to last place in many of the World Health Organizations classifications of industrialized countries. We have more drugs, more medical doctors and more medical facilities per capita than we did 50 years ago. America is sicker now than ever. This trend needs to stop. Dr. Hirschfelt has made it a part of his mission to be able to change the lives, the health of anyone in his path.

Dr. Hirschfelt was born and raised in Western New York. He attended St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute in Kenmore, NY. Dr. Hirschfelt completed all pre-requisite classes at the local colleges in Buffalo. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2006 from Life University. 

Dr. Hirschfelt takes a “whole person” approach to analyzing the root cause of your health concern. By discovering the exact cause of your body’s health concern a corrective process can begin. Dr. Hirschfelt does not see symptomatic treatment as a viable way for anyone to live. Walking the line so to speak of symptomatic expression to non-symptomatic expression all while functioning at a rate that does not support true health or your fullest potential. The major downfall to this way of thinking is that a symptomatic cover up never optimizes ones health to the fullest potential but rather assists in some quick “blanket over the eyes” or “band-aid” way of lowering your own consciousness to think you have actually achieved greater health.  

Dr. Hirschfelt takes care of new-born babies all the way up to great-great grandparents.  Dr. Hirschfelt’s patient education focuses on the health and well being of the younger generations.  With the amount of patients he sees he has found that the adults that seek his care and health guidance have had spinal injuries that date back to when they, themselves were a child. Whether it was playing on the jungle gym, falling off the couch or even the birthing process, which can be very traumatic. If proper spinal correction does not take place at or near the time of injury all future health will be decreased. 

Life is about experience. Experience it at your full potential. Dr. Hirschfelt is truly honored to be able to serve the great families of Western New York.